Yoga is for everyone -  
try it, you'll LOVE it.      
Karen Bralove Yoga
Yoga is over 5,000 years old...
isn't it time you tried it?

Yoga is about being present, in the moment, with breath, with movement and with stillness.  It is an ancient practice of working with the body and the mind to enhance well-being.  

Wonderful for all ages, shapes and sizes, it can calm you, lower blood pressure, enhance concentration, increase strength and stamina, and yes, even if you consider yourself "tight", it can increase flexibility.

Yoga is about centering, breathing, stretching and strengthening.  So, if you are seeking a less stressful way of living, a new physical challenge resulting in harmonizing mind, body and spirit...come to yoga.

KAREN BRALOVE has practiced yoga for over 20 years and became a certified yoga instructor in 2001.  She has taught in Los Angeles, and in the DC area at Thrive Yoga, Sacred Space Yoga, The Chevy Chase Club, Tenley Sport & Health, YMCA of Bethesda, Walter Reed, National Naval Medical Center, and in her own home studio LOVE YOGA in Bethesda.



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